Addicted to Tumblr and Olivier Zahm…

I’ve become slightly obsessed with Tumblr in the last week or so.  I’ve always been drawn to the visual image so it’s the perfect forum in that regard.  The above photos are from my Tumblr archive (Ginsberg is God).  If you don’t already follow them, some interesting Tumblrs to follow are:

Terry’s Diary (Terry Richardson)

Purple Diary (Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine)

This / or / That/ ? (Melanie Crete of Dazed and Confused)

Milk Studios

And Pete Tong (fashion editor of Tumblr) lists Tumblrs of interest in the fashion world: Fashion tumblr blogs to follow.

On the theme of the image, Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine just debuted his solo show of photographs at Leadapron in LA entitled ‘The Secrets of Photographing Women‘. The show consists of a simple and beautiful installation of photos Olivier has taken over the past few years. There is an interesting interview with Olivier Zahm and Paula Goldstein about Purple Magazine.


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