Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

I came across Kreayshawn a while a go and loved her style. Then out of the blue she popped up on Vogue Italia and here is what Vogue Italia had to say:

By Nicolette Mason

YouTube is known the world-over for helping produce stars like Justin Bieber, and now Tumblr and Twitter, the fast-paced blogging sites, might be responsible for helping propel the rapid success of a new star: Kreayshawn. Her YouTube clips have garnered nearly 5,000,000 views (and I admit to being at least a small portion of those) and she’s amassed over 20,000 twitter followers.

Originally from Oakland, California, and now based in Los Angeles, Kreayshawn is a self-proclaimed “piece of s**t” with “raw talent.”This early in the game, it’s hard to tell if her work is a popular culture parody or completely serious. In this respect, she’s not unlike South African rap group Die Antvoord. One thing is certain, similar to Die Antvoord, and regardless of its intent,Kreayshawn’s tracks are catchy, relentlessly addictive, loaded with enough shock-value, and filled with plenty of digital-culture references to throw anyone over 30 into a whirlwind. As a warning, a bit of controversy in the mix of her lyrics and persona might be at least partially contributing to the attention she’s currently receiving.

The current internet darling du jour, Gucci Gucci, makes light of “basic” labels like Prada, Fendi, and Gucci, all the while posing with mannequins decked in Prada’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection in the brand’s Rodeo Drive boutique. I can only imagine what tourists and Beverly Hills locals had running through their heads whenKreayshawn and her entourage came rolling down the street (which boasts neighbors like Tom Ford, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton), with more than a handful of obscenities accompanying them.

Kreayshawn isn’t shy to give her piece of mind, and her style is equally explosive: oversized Hello Kitty bows, cartoon tattoos, enormous door-knocker earrings, and enough swag to help justify the cameo appearance by Odd Future. Not so surprisingly, Kreayshawn, who’s style seems influenced by street wear brands, has collaborated with The Hundreds on other video projects, as well as filming short videos for hip hop artist Lil B.


Reading the article I was reminded about Die Antwoord and their hilarious video.


Die Antwoord have had lots of coverage in the press.  Most notably Interview Magazine and Vice Magazine. Purple Diary documented their Die Antwoord performing live at The Creators Project, Milk Studios, New York.

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  1. Lady Gaga, is that you?! loool
    It looks like her! maybe they’re twins!!

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