What Royal Wedding?

I noticed a blog saying that there was wedding fever in London and everyone had whipped themselves up into a frenzy. I have to say that I’ve found the opposite. I live in Central London and other than a couple of shelves in supermarkets displaying some worn out looking biscuit tins with the happy couple on the front, and a couple of documentaries on television, I haven’t seen or heard anything else.  I was in Selfridges at the weekend, a mecca for shopping, and can’t say that I noticed anything out of the norm.  There may have been a few wedding related bits and bobs but there wasn’t an overwhelming sense of celebtration as you would have expected.  On researching the Internet I haven’t come across much more.   The most celebratory thing I can find is one window dressing in Liberty of London and a few Union Jack flags running along Regents Street.  I haven’t heard anyone I know mention it and generally it’s not at the forefront of my mind although I did hear a newspaper columnist talking about it. He was being interviewed by an Australian network and they had introduced him with a segment about the Royal wedding frenzy we were all experiencing over in London.  The columnist said that couldn’t be further from the truth and if anyone should know about media frenzy, it’s the media.

It seems that the rest of the world, especially the United States, have gone crazy about the wedding and sent over 500 journalists to cover the story and there have been a few funny clips on television showing the craziness taking place on American television.  Given the misconception that London is in Royal wedding fever like never experienced before, I wonder if we’ve been fed some untruths about the US television networks showing thousands of hours of Royal related telly in the last few weeks?

I can imagine that there is a large amount of tat being sold but there are a few fun things to commemorate the big day if you are a collector of such objects which can be found at Liberty of London.  A couple of playful things which caught my eye were the ‘Knit Your Own Royal Wedding’ book (£9.99) and the novelty Kate and William Royal Wedding teabags (4.99).  Personally, I will be saving my pennies and propping up the Oyster Bar at Selfridges while indulging in some delicious oysters.

Among the other things on offer at Liberty are:

1. William & Catherine Mug, £10.50

2. James Brown Framed Poster, £135

3. Exclusive Simeon Farrar God Save the King Tote Bag, £85

4. Robert Opie Royal Wedding Scrapbook, £14.95

5. Exclusive Meg Mathews Crown Print Scarf, £115

  1. I know, I love how London’s not that bothered by the royal wedding, but the rest of the world is. For me its just going to be more of an inconvenience to my day. Though I do want to see what she wears.

    • Also looking forward to watching five minutes of it to see the dress. Following on from my post about London not going into a frenzy, it seems that the frenzy is slowly starting to kick in (not bad given it’s the night before the wedding). At least it didn’t last six months.

  2. I totally do not understand the whole hype here in the United States. No matter what channel I am watching on the television, they are talking about the wedding. No offense to the royal family, but it is getting a little overwhelming when that is all you hear. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see the dress but I think they are taking it a little too serious here in the US. Weird that there is not that much hype in London!

    All the best, Angel


    • Really interesting to hear how it’s all over the US channels. The hype has started building slowly today in the press. It’s predicted to rain on Friday so that’s no good for getting a glimpse of the dress as she’ll be hurried into the Abbey. Apparently there was a full dress rehearsal at dawn this morning with all the horses and 1500 of the armed forces practising their routine.

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