Pop Art Apartment in Sydney

It’s been a running theme through this blog whether a light or dark interior is best.  Abigail Ahern put an excellent case forward for a dark interior in the form of her beautifully designed apartment and on the other side was the light filled interiors popular in Sweden (click here and here). So I think this apartment in Sydney successfully combines both light and dark elements and ultimately whether light or dark, I think the success is usually to do with the use of bold splashes of colour which can always be provided by using art and books to decorate. I can’t say that I like every aspect of this apartment but I do like the general feel especially the living room.

  1. wow!!! if you look for the outside of the house you’d never imagine how cool it is on the inside! really like it! I wish i had a house like that

    • It has a great exterior, love the red door against the black. The Rolling Stones would probably have wanted to paint it black!

  2. Helen said:

    perfect apartment, I want to live somewhere like this when I’m older :).

    Helen, X

  3. hautecontriver said:

    My favorite things in the whole apt is the stack of books in the living room. I love when habits or natural phenomena become products/designed element.

  4. tereza said:

    wow this is definetely cool. i love all the bright colors

  5. Kai said:

    This is just awesome. I love the designs

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