The apartment of Chloe Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny’s East Village apartment was first published in the January 2007 issue of House and Garden. It was then published a second time in Apartamento’s October 2009 issue.  Apartamento is a great magazine which shows the personality of homes rather than the usual bland show homes. But what is interesting is how the two magazines photograph the same apartment. Such different styles of photography that it looks like two different apartments. The photos above are from Apartamento and the photos below are from House and Garden.

And a random photo of Chloe in her apartment. Love the vinyl.

Apartamento (see below) calls itself an everyday life interiors magazine.

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  1. This apartment is so chloe. Its so vintage looking, and a little bit eccentric. Its not safe put it that way. I love the completely floral room.

  2. Colleen said:

    The decor mixture in these apartment rooms is nauseating.

  3. Karen White said:

    Of course its a great apartment. Chloe has money and lives alone. Totally self-indulgent. Lucky her.

  4. mannwhy said:

    love it!

  5. Camille said:

    Chloe’s apartment was also photographed for TEEN VOGUE.

    • Would love to see how Teen Vogue photographed her apartment.

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