The London Chocolate Festival (and some graffiti)

London Chocolate Festival

8th – 10th April 2011

11am-8pm on Fri & Sat

11am-6pm on Sun

Southbank Centre Square (Behind Royal Festival Hall), Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX

Free Admission

This Easter, The Chocolate Festival returns to Southbank Centre for their 6th gastronomic celebration of all things chocolate. Sample the delights of the world’s best Chocolatiers. From William Curley and Bill McCarrick to Damian Allsop and Paul Wayne Gregory. Chat to Britain’s best artisan chocolate producers and pick up delectable Easter gifts for friends and family. Savour an array of sweet and savoury chocolate dishes and cocktails. Become a chocolate connoisseur at a tutored tasting session. Learn about raw chocolate’s many health benefits.

On your way to the Southbank, check out the Skatepark.  The Southbank Skatepark has been the unofficial home of British skateboarding since the early 1970s. Prior to that the park was merely part of the undercroft architecture of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, located at the southern end of the Hungerford footbridge.

In 2008 the skatepark was threatened with closure under plans to redevelop the area in to a shopping precinct but the park was saved by the Labour government who responded to a campaign by skateboarders, saying “any activity that engages young people can have a positive impact on society, and the skateboarding community that has grown up around the undercroft has brought together people from various backgrounds, created a vibrant public space and added real value to the lives of many young people“.

The grafitti that decorates Southbank Skatepark is famous in its own right and the local council and building’s owners allow grafitti artists to work there legally. Final photo by Henry Stuart Photography.

I love the architecture of the National Theatre at Southbank. It’s beautiful during day and night. My grandfather played Hamlet at the National Theatre.  I followed in his footsteps and performed in a play at the National Theatre too…I had one line! Not quite the same as playing Hamlet.

  1. wow a chocolate festival? i would be in heaven. I’m so jealous. There’s a chocolate museum in barcelona!

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  2. designedbyann said:

    oh my a chocolate festival!!!how nice!!
    I have to tell you that Southbank is my one of my favorite places in London!!!

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