Fall in love with a closet and a hippo

This is the New York loft apartment of Lauren Santo Domingo, fashion consultant and Vogue contributing editor (photography by Claiborne Swanson Frank). I love the apartment as it’s homely and interesting. The hippo bar is my favourite item but I also love all the books, the closet which doubles up as an office and the vinyl records.

The hippo bar was created by French artist Francois-Xavier Lalanne (1927 – 2008) known for his surrealistic sculptures. A Lalanne hippo was sold at Christies for $134,000 so slightly out of my price range. Most of my furniture is vintage. In fact when I look around, all of my furniture is vintage. The great thing about vintage furniture is that it looks beautiful, it never loses its appeal and it usually increases in price over the years. If I ever get a decent camera (I have to have the Canon 5d) then I will post some photos.

With regard to her closet/office, Lauren says ‘This was the guest room but I took it over to make it my office and closet—it’s definitely very feminine. I had the idea of creating this tongue-in-cheek Marie Antoinette Petit Trianon look to the room. Since it’s a dual-functioning space, all the doors close so I can take meetings and have fittings, and it looks professional. The desk is from Jonathan Adler, the silver dice bookends are Kelly Wearstler,  and, as always, there is a pile of my scrapbooks. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been pulling inspiration images and items into little books and using them as reference when I’m working.’

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