Blog love and a blogger’s favourite camera

Pic 1 and 2. You might already know that I love the FashionToast blog and the reason being is that I love the camera work of Rumi Neely and Colin Sokol. The camera they use is the Canon 5D. This camera had been on my radar for a while as it seemed that every photo I liked in various blogs had been taken with the Canon 5D. I think the success of the Fashion Toast blog is largely due to the camera work (and of course Rumi’s great boho style).

Pic 3. Nothing beats super glossy hair. Taken from Harpers Bazaar Australia.

Pic 4. I wrote about macaroons in an older post (in which you will find a recipe for them) and I’ve become utterly addicted to the bite size pieces of heaven.

Pic 5 and 6. London has had the first bit of sun this week and spring is definitely here. I have a few of these trees on the road I live but thought I would post the beautiful photography of Lachlan Bailey, a fashion and portrait photographer living in New York City.

Pic 7. Great photo, great knickers. Frustratingly my MacBook crashed and I haven’t been able to find the source of the photo.

  1. Hi darling,

    I’m not such a fan of fashion toast. Can’t find out what’s so special about her blog.

    Anyway, i’m also in love with that camera! It’s so cool. It’s photos are just perfect. But it’s too expensive, though!

    I follow a blog, which the blogger also has that machine! And i fall in love every time I see the pics. check these ones

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