Little apartment love from around the world

Following on from my post about Abigail Ahern’s dark and moody interior design, as promised here are some opposite examples of light and airy design. How can you be anything other than positive and happy living in them? What I do know is that although I like both light and dark interiors, both need bold splashes of colour to bring the interior to life. All three apartments featured here are small with the first two probably appealing to the girls and the final one appealing to the boys.

The next apartment is a beautiful two-room place located in Gothenburg. With a living area of 59 square meters, a large living room open towards the kitchen and a bedroom, this home is charming. The living room is the core of the apartment, featuring a large welcoming sofa, a coffee table and colourful cushions. All these make for a warm atmosphere and turn it into an open area for socialising. Every home needs a dog!

I love the juxtaposition between the two very light and airy apartments above and the urban chaos of the apartment setting below. There is a beauty in both. I’m a true Gemini and in keeping with that I find that I love polar opposites of various things. Architect Gary Chang’s apartment (below) is located in downtown Hong Kong, and represents a remarkable example of interior refurbishment. With only 32 square meters, Chang studied the different distribution possibilities to optimise his space. It’s truly brilliant. The video (below) is a must see. If you haven’t been to Hong Kong then you should try and visit. It’s a wonderful place and even better when you stay in a cheap hotel in Kowloon and eat the street food.

  1. Hi,

    I love both too. I’m also gemini and I’m about opposites too. sometimes it bothers me a little when i can’t have both!
    I fell in love with the apartments… so perfect, so bright! so “me” (at the moment, cause i change pretty fast)

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Sabrina said:

    I love fresh, bring, and airy rooms! I think it’s interesting how darker neutral colours are trending in interior design, yet white with accent colours does the trick just as well.

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