Robot love, adopt-a-bot, prada and daft punk

I love anything to do with robots. We start with a 2003 Steven Klein spread in Vogue Italia which features, as you would expect in Vogue, some very handsome robots but my favourite robot is Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. I love how nerdy he is. Anyway, more about that later. Following on from the fashion shoot I’ve included two clips which are both brilliant. It’s then on to adopt-a-bot and the amusing Prada robot keyrings. Enjoy!


Perfect dance routine to Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster Stronger.

Adaptation of the Daft Bodies Girls.

Adopt-a-bot from Nerd Bots. This is Ross. He is in love with quantum physics and usually spends his days daydreaming about the laboratory he wishes he worked in. His prized possession is his monogrammed money clip. He also enjoys public television, studying rocketry and eating alfalfa sprouts.

Ferdinand has already been adopted out. Ferdinand was blessed with the gift of gab. Although he can’t often pull himself away from the telephone, when he does he enjoys scrapbooking, tinkering with computer systems and anything else of electronic nature and choreographing dance moves for his varied audiences.

Boasting merit badges in emergency preparedness, citizenship, personal fitness and wilderness survival, Kit strives for service unto others. On his days off, he often competes in paper airplane flying contests, practices basket weaving and collects pistachios that resemble presidents. His prized possession is his pet turtle named Archibald, which he fondly feeds carrots, grapes, celery and Altoids.
And then there’s this guy.
We then move on to the Prada robot keyrings which were out a few years ago. So cute. This is Edward.
My love of robots probably started with Johnny 5 from Short Circuit! Wall-E is pretty cute to0. I have to say that I like my robots to be made of junk. I’m not into the ‘too cool for school’ Japanese robots. I like the nerds like Johnny 5.


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