My favourite blog posts this week

Each Sunday I will be giving a rundown of a few of my favourite blog posts I’ve read in the prior seven days. My favourite blog this week has been Fashion Toast. I wasn’t able to pick a favourite post from Fashion Toast as I enjoyed each post equally. In particular I like the style and photography of Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely (photography by Rumi Neely and Colin Sokol).  The above photo is from Fashion Toast as are the next five photos.

I enjoyed reading the blog post of Self Service Magazine attending the various fashion shows (Fendi, Prada, Rochas and Burberry below). There are lots of photos of behind the scenes as well as photos of who attended the shows.

The Blonde Salad put out a post about attending the Dior Presentation.

The Show Studio has been promoting Lady Gaga’s new video Born This Way and it’s a brilliant video. The choreography is excellent and the song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it.  Click here to watch: Click me!

I enjoyed seeing the interior of Sweden’s biggest blogger, Elin Kling, from Emma’s design blog.

And finally, I found this great Super Natural Every Day: Six Recipe Sampler from the 101 Cookbooks blog. It’s worth a look as the photos are beautiful and the recipes look amazing (and healthy).

    • Her style looks so effortless and the pendelton shorts are great.

  1. Steffy said:

    love Fashion Toast & Blonde Salad, but i don’t Blonde Salad as much anymore for some reason!

    ❤ steffy

  2. I don’t care for the “fish scale” dresses.
    I do like the way your blog theme is set up, however. Very simple.

  3. You gave me a good list of blogs to check out thanks!

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