I heart the architecture of Pierre Koenig

These two case study houses #21 and #22 (designed by architect Pierre Koenig) were part of a group of houses sponsored by Arts and Architecture magazine in the late 1940s to early 1960s which invited major architects to design and build inexpensive and efficient homes during the housing boom after WW2s. Out of the 35 designs, only 24 were built and out of that 24, 2 were demolished and another 2 were remodeled. The most photographed and iconic one must be Case Study #22, Stahl House, by Pierre Koenig (it’s in West Hollywood and is a cantilever house over a cliff).  The photo below is Case Study #21. I’d have to say that my favourite is #22, Stahl House.  There is a wonderful website dedicated to Stahl House and it’s worth checking out as there is a whole heap of interesting information and beautiful photographs. Living in one of these Pierre Koenig houses could only bring joy and happiness and I love the way Stahl house overlooks LA so while you feel set away from the world, you still have an amazing connection to it. If you love architecture then you probably love Taschen books. If you don’t know about Taschen then it’s worth looking at their site and buying all the books you can, they are simply stunning. In their collection you will also find beautiful fashion books along with books on design, film and photography, among other things.

To get more of a sense what the house feels like, take a look at this video clip at the Nowness.

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