Peep into the home of Julianne Moore

As with my life long love of cupcakes, I’ve also had a live long obsession with the interior of people’s homes.  If I’m walking down the street, I’m usually trying to get a peek into the window of each home.  Living room stalking works best at night when it’s dark outside and the houses have their lights on.  I live on a beautiful road in Primrose Hill and it fills me with delight when I walk along the road in the evening and see the stunning interiors.  So many of the living rooms look like they have just stepped out of an interior design magazine shoot.  What catches my attention is the lighting of a room.  I’m a sucker for beautiful dim lighting.

The house here is the house of the actress Julianne Moore.  It’s the type of interior I see when living room stalking in Primrose Hill.  The main design trends I see at the moment are painted white rooms with grey tones in the rugs and sofas, warm soft lighting, large pieces of colourful artwork on the walls, sculptures in the windows sometimes and my favourite, one wall covered in books.  So although the living rooms are very neutral, the room is brought to life with the colour of the books and art.

So on to Julianne Moore’s West Village Townhouse.  It’s a 6 bedroom house with 5 stories, including a second garden level entry under the stoop.  The house was built in the 1880s and meticulously renovated. Some of the rooms have beautiful French doors overlooking the garden.  The front room has been made into a luxurious spa-like bath and I love the wooden floor boards, seen easily in the hallway.

The fire place in the study in the first photo above catches my eye and reminds me of a shop I pass frequently which has the most beautiful, grand, luxurious fire places along with stunning chandeliers (don’t think gawdy; think warm, chic chandeliers made of murano glass). It’s on City Road, heading towards Old Street in London and it’s a shop called Renaissance.

We don’t all have the grand homes needed to accommodate these beautiful huge fireplaces and chandeliers but what I believe to be the most important element of any home is lighting and you can’t go wrong with a trip down to John Cullen Lighting in King’s Road, London.  You can make use of their full lighting design service where a designer will come round to your home to design the lighting or you can go for the budget option which costs around £150 plus VAT per room. With this service you take photos and room dimensions along to the shop and a designer will design a lighting plan for you.  The photo below is a John Cullen Lighting design.

I’m lucky to live in the beautiful neighbourhood of Primrose Hill and I would love to have the space of a house to decorate but I have a little flat that will have to do for now.  I will be posting photos of my flat soon and writing a post on small cool spaces.

Come back soon!

  1. vanimator said:

    Great Designs and description. First image/design plan and staircase image/design are just amazing, others are great too, but i would rank these 2 higher as i liked them the most in all of them.
    Thanks for the share.


  2. I completely agree with your choices in photos/room design. The bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are slightly lacking in the same warmth that the study and hallway have.

  3. Jo said:

    this is gorgeous! i want a place just like it!


  4. Thanks for the comment. I checked out your blog and thought it was great. I’m now following you on twitter and bloglovin.

  5. Jules said:

    The sunny living room looks very cosy and inviting. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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