Cupcake heaven

I’ve had a life long love of cupcakes. More than the finished cupcake I love the raw batter but as it’s frowned upon in society to make cupcakes purely for the raw batter, I endeavour to leave as much batter as I can to complete the finished article.  I let myself lick the spoon but I use the biggest spoon I can find.  Once the cupcake bases are baked, I then look forward to slathering each cupcake in buttercream and I don’t hold back on the buttercream.  I like equal measures of cupcake base and buttercream.  There is nothing like a homemade cupcake but I seem to live in a place surrounded by little quaint cupcake shops.  My favourite cupcake makers are the Primrose Hill Bakery and Lola’s Kitchen.

I love strolling over to Primrose Hill Bakery to buy a couple of cupcakes (usually one chocolate and one vanilla).  They also have a shop in Covent Garden.

My other favourite haunt is Lola’s Kitchen in Selfridges.  There has been a long queue every time. I think I read that they sell 5,000 cupcakes a day at Selfridges.  That’s a lot of cupcake batter!

Lola’s Kitchen also do a giant cupcake. The ratio of sponge to buttercream doesn’t work for me but it’s fun to look at.

Mayfair has welcomed Lola’s Kitchen.

So those are my two favourite cupcake makers. I plan on making fewer trips to their shops and attempting to perfect my own cupcakes. Come back soon and see whether my attempt to make the perfect cupcake (without eating all the raw batter first) is fruitful.  But before I get to work on that plan (in the name of research only of course) I will pop round to all the cupcake shops in London, review the cupcakes and shops and report back to you.

  1. designedbyann said:

    awesome cupcake stores! next time I visit London I’ll make a mental note to visite them!!


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